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Personal Horoscope Customize Report CG Team

Customize Report – Personal


By CosmoGuru TeamAns Lang - Eng / Hindi / GujDelivery : 3 Business days by Email

Personal Horoscope Standard Report CG Team

Standard Report – Personal


By CosmoGuru TeamAns Lang - Eng / Hindi / GujDelivery : 3 Business days by Email

Personal Horoscope Yearly Report CG Team

Yearly Report – Personal


By CosmoGuru TeamAns Lang - Eng / Hindi / GujDelivery : 3 Business days by Email

Vedic Astrology Personal Horoscope Reports by CosmoGuru

People face many problems in day to day life, they won’t able to solve and get depressed. In daily routine works many things go around by which we get fed-up. Personal Guidance gives you a way from which all hindrances gets solved and lead a healthy life.

Get personal guidance for students, progeny issues, my personal horoscope and many more. Not to get much stressed or fussy because here at CosmoGuru provides you the  best customized report in which you can ask us any personal  questions  by just letting us know your Date of Birth and Birth Place. CosmoGuru team experts will be providing the best personal solutions!

  • Which is favorable time for child birth?
  • Obstacles in child birth, what should I do?
  • For better health which is the best remedies for me?
  • I face many issues in family, what should I do?

For any kind personal query Personal Horoscope (Personal Astrology) is the key for you. CosmoGuru gives you the options for Best Online Career Astrologers they are expert for Personal Horoscope Reading (Personal Astrology Reading). CosmoGuru give you guidance through Vedic Astrology by Date of Birth.

Personal Report by CosmoGuru Team gives you the perfect guidance for your Personal life.

Personal Horoscope by best online Vedic (Indian) Astrologer through Personal Horoscope

Personal Horoscope

Horoscope Report is available in three formats 1 Standard Report, 2 Customized Report, 3 Yearly Report. CosmoGuru Team will analyse your personal birth chart and prepare detailed report according to your need.  CosmoGuru Team have averagely 22 years of experience and is able to give best & most accurate predictions for your query. CosmoGuru Team will give you proper guidance, our horoscope guidance also available in different languages like English, Hindi and Gujarati etc. CosmoGuru Horoscope Report is affordable and easy to understand for everyone.

For personalized horoscope report one requires only Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. From these details Astrologer make your birth chart and after deep study of your birth chart Astrologer give guidance to you as well as remedies for your query if necessary.

If you have no birth time and/or birth date then no need to worry, CosmoGuru Team will give you guidance for your query through Palmistry also Tarot and Numerology will give you best solutions.