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Weather Prediction for November 2016

A cloud-gas condition is estimated from the end of October to 3rd November as well as a cloudy atmosphere will grip many parts of India where snowfall is forecasted for the peak regions of Himalaya. Eastern side of India will suffer from tremendous downfall of temperature because of sudden rainfall and the same condition is even predicted for the South of India (Chennai, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa).

And as the month of November would proceed further there are chances of Cyclone in the bay of Bengal, which would result into change of weather condition in many parts of India, especially wind will lash most of the coastal areas of the country. While as the end of November month would come near people who are residing closer to the sea are warned of waves which are likely to bounce higher in the eastern India.


The month of November would be entering with wind chills for the people of Gujarat, coastal regions of Gujarat will have to bear with lashes of wind. But, slowly with the preceding of the month the days would turn sunny and pleasant. Saurashtra region of Gujarat will suffer from stormy winds because of the cyclone effect and even unseasonal rain is predicted for some region of the state.

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