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Colors possess deep importance in our life. It plays a very important role in keeping congruence and wisdom among the people. It gives us joy and peace. Let us know the qualities of colors as well as Vastu related to it.

Red Colour:

Red indicates the colour of our blood. Red colour has a deep relation with our life and body. It is a symbol of excitement, light and fire. The things or furniture’s that are kept at southern direction can be coloured with red at the front part. From this, there is conveyance of light. The pink shade of red colour can be used for bedroom as it symbolizes love.

Orange Colour:

Orange colour symbolizes pride, ambition and communication. It also indicates health and relish. Youngsters and enthusiastic people who are willing to achieve something, they must colour the walls with orange at the southern direction of their bedroom. Moreover, they can colour the same in kitchen as well as at their worshiping place.

Yellow Colour:

This colour designate light, intelligence as well as mental activities. The Goddess of wealth – Laxmi also akin the yellow colour. Beyond this, it helps in studies, concentration and for stability of brain. Colouring this colour at the northern direction is considered as one the fine colour. It also symbolizes wealth and therefore, keeping yellow pearl along with you in wallet will be beneficial.

Green Colour:

Green colour represents nature, fortune, and magnification of positive sparkle. This colour embodies as a medicine for those with high blood pressure and heart problems. Those in agony with marital life must colour the walls with southern or eastern direction of their bedroom.

Blue Colour:

This colour refers to sky and water. Apart from this, it suggests courage, creativity, religious and truthfulness. It heals the health issues as well as any kind of hidden or known diseases. This colour can be used for children’s room. Avoid this colour in kitchen, offices or any workshop. Usage of blue colour at western direction is considered as one of the finest work.

– By CosmoGuru Team

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