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Nowadays people put their extreme efforts to achieve good wealth and prosperity. Common man will think of immigration at least once in his life. But,every person will not be able to achieve his dream of staying at foreign place or else the person may not achieve success as per his satisfaction.This type of person can fulfill his dream with the guidance of Palmistry.

Moon and Mars are considered as trigger for journey in palmistry. With this, if the person’s little or forth finger is pointed then the person is fond of foreign visit or else he receives such a job or profession where he is able to have foreign visit. The lines on moon mount indicates journey. If these lines are good and clear then the journey will remain joyful and successful. The one possessing these kinds of lines obtains profession related to travelling. If this line touches the life line or cuts the life line then it indicates danger while journey.

Similarly, the line coming through the life line and then having end at moon mount indicates fondness of journey . If this line reaching down at the moon mount and having its end there indicates foreign visit at early age or young age.  If lines coming out from moon mount passes to the sun mount then this line indicates a tour to foreign place across the seacoast. Together with this, if the destiny lines coming from the life line indicates good approval for immigration.

Thus, through the calculations of these lines, one can know that the number of times of journey a person will have. Various lengths of these lines show whether the journey will remain long or short. These kinds of two lines indicate two journeys at a time. Journey line near bracelet lines indicates journey during the new start of individuals’ life whereas if it is far then it indicates journey at old age.

There are indications of very far away journey when the lines coming from life line is parallel to the moon.  If there is spot of Nakshatra on journey line then it prefers poverty and deprivation and  if the spot has square shape then it refers to anxiety and terror but in reality the journey will not be so dangerous.

Thus, there are many people who don’t possess dept knowledge of palmistry and its categories of revealing forecasts of an individual. One must go through the information and then seek help from a prominent and true palmist.

– By N G Vegda

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