Palmistry and Myths

Myths of Palmistry

  • Lines don’t get vanished or changed
  • Two marriage lines indicates two marriages
  • Favorable destiny lines hints wealth achievements

Palmistry is commonly a modern treatise that possesses the ways of predicting future through fingerprints and handprints. There are many misconceptions and false beliefs about hand facts in palmistry. Common myths are as follows:

  1. Person bearing long money lines is rich person and person not bearing any money line is poor.” These kinds of wrong beliefs are spreading like rumors. People believe that one who does not have money line in his palm, remains poor throughout his life and the one who has it remains very rich and achieve good amount of wealth every time. In fact, there is no such thing in palm. The line indicating matter of ups and downs in career life is considered as destiny line or wealth line. Like destiny line, this line implies a vast meaning as it bears the outcome of life’s every circumstances. Thus, the money line becomes secondary. If the destiny line is favorable then only the wealth is achieved.
  1. Lines don’t get vanished or changed”. This statement is also false. There are people in whose palm the lines are having various changes and reshapes in their career line. Moreover, the limitation of this line is that there’s a vast difference in major lines of the palm. (E.g. destiny line, life line, career line etc.) Generally, the length of the line changes. Whatever the person thinks and put efforts behind achieving something – all is seen during the changing of the lines in palm.
  1. The one with short head line in palm get easily provoked.” This kind of person is also very impatient. On the other hand, the person is dignified person or honorable person then he will silently try to listen what the other person speaks. Most of the time it has been seen that the one with short head line in palm is very extreme and thoughtful. If the short head line possesses symmetrically developed Jupiter and Mercury mounts and the heart line is good then this kind of person take decision without any cause or foster.
  1. If there is two marriage lines then the person get marry twice.” This is most common misconception among people. These two lines indicate that the person loves two people who are very dearest to him. The first person will be the spouse and another can be a friend or mother etc.
  1. The one with club-shaped thumb is inclement with broad intellect, ignorant, brutal, murderous, wild and lustful”. According to the earlier palmistry scriptures, club-shaped thumb is called as ‘murderous-thumb’. In reality, among the false belief regarding the thumb, the truth is missing. Thus, it is not true that person possessing this kind of thumb is a murderer. This kind of person is generally ignorant which is not harmful for other people.

Thus, there are many such beliefs and misconceptions regarding the concept of palm and palmistry. True knowledge can be obtained through reaching to depth of such facts. One must have true facts and knowledge about palmistry.

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